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7-Eleven Clerk vs The Would-be Robber

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7-Eleven Clerk vs The Would-be Robber

That’s the way the cookie crumbles when you break the law.

So in Virginia Beach this past weekend, some dude decided it’d be a good idea to robber a 7-Eleven little did he know that the clerk was armed and MORE dangerous than he was.

The robber, Davin McClenney, allegedly tried his hand at robbing at 1:06AM but was shot from the clerk, who’s identity has been withheld.

When law enforcement arrived at the scene, McClenney was down! with a bullet in his upper body and was rushed to the hospital where he reminds in critical condition.

This isn’t McClenney’s first time at robbery, however. As he has a nice little criminal record that includes three robberies, a home invasion, and more. He was actually set to stand trial for the home invasion in August but a judge granted his release from jail on Bond…

The current status of the clerk has not yet been reported.

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