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AG Barr About To Drop PROOF of Deep State Conspiracy, Dems Are Scared To Death

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AG Barr About To Drop PROOF of Deep State Conspiracy, Dems Are Scared To Death

There is a lot of rumor currently circulating that Attorney General William Barr is on the brink of exposing the Deep State.

Such a revelation would be career-ending for so many corrupt politicians…well, Democrats at least.

Carl Bernstein who is the man who uncovered the Watergate scandal during the Nixon administration what his inside sources have said that Barr is preparing to do next.

“Barr is trying to deliver — and I have this, as do other reporters from other sources — to deliver evidence that perhaps this has all been a deep state conspiracy like Donald Trump alleges,” said Bernstein.

Much like the fabricated Steel dossier, this “whistleblower complaint” is nothing but bad news for the left since there is no meat in it. The Democrats cannot possibly get any dumber.

They are completely wrecking any shot they have at 2020. I don’t care if Obama himself were able to run again, the Democrats have destroyed their own party so much that it is almost irreversible.

The whistleblower complaint proved to be nowhere near what the left was hoping for. The complainant wasn’t even a direct witness to the call. Plus nothing that was said is wrong. The only reason it has even come close to seeming bad is that whenever CNN quotes the manuscript they manipulate the quotations by omitting several hundred words at a time.

According to Western Journal,

Not only did the complaint’s author not have much, if any, firsthand information about Trump’s alleged misdeeds, but it was revealed earlier this week that the Intelligence Community Inspector General had reportedly found the writer showed indications of possible “political bias” against Trump.

If that’s not enough to hint at a deep state effort to take down Trump, just look at who helped the whistleblower.

The attorney representing and assisting the whistleblower once worked for both Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and former first lady/senator/secretary of state/failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The same lawyer works for a group called Whistleblower Aid, an organization formed during Trump’s presidency that seeks to assist those wanting to speak out against the government. The group has previously placed targeted ads outside of the White House, the Pentagon and other government buildings.


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