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‘America First’ Does Not Mean ‘America Alone’

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‘America First’ Does Not Mean ‘America Alone’

Do you agree?

This is pretty accurate. Just because we want to put “America First” does not mean “America Alone”. Despite claims by the Liberal left that we fall behind on several categories of so-called “Human rights” type crap… America is still looked to for leadership and protection all around the world.

And for too long too much focus has been on the rest of the world. Thanks to Donald Trump that should change.

During a broadcast of “The Cats Roundtable” which featured Dr Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the President, he discussed the anti-capitalism based protest surrounding the G20 Summit by saying “people who are infected by the dregs of utopian idealism.”

“When we say ‘America First,’ we do not mean, at all, America alone,” Gorka explained to host John Catsimatidis.

“I’d like to make it abundantly clear, if it isn’t so already, that this is a very different kind of President. We are proud of what America stands for,” he continued. “We wish to be clear that creating vacuums around the world as we had in the last eight years leads to very, very dangerous situations.”

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