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Another Democrat Caught On Cam Destroying GOP Campaign Signs

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Another Democrat Caught On Cam Destroying GOP Campaign Signs

An unhinged Democrat in New Jersey was filmed stealing GOP candidate Bob Hugin signs and tossing them in the highway before a debate this week. Hugin, a New Jersey native, and Princeton grad is the Republican ticket, and currently running for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

The man told the cameraman filming him, “I don’t care about that. I don’t live here.”This is the modern day Democrat Party. They are not afraid anymore of being filmed breaking the law.

Democrats are desperate to stop the Republican party from maintaining the majority and have proven they’re willing to do anything to sabotage voters- no matter how illegal or petty.

This is just the latest unhinged Democrat to pull up GOP signs. However, the first, Mary Dobbins a teacher, tried to say that she took the signs by mistake. Dobbin’s claims she returned the signs but the GOP officials said that was a lie. Her actions cost the candidate a few thousand dollars.

A shopper in the parking lot of the shopping center took the photos of the signs being taken. A police report has been filed and police said that sealing a sign is a misdemeanor but due to the number of signs the cost could be raised to a felony charge, according to Morton.

Former Jacksonville City Councilman Doyle Carter says he’s also a victim of Dobbins. He says he caught her taking his signs back in August.

“She got scared so she started to put them back but she didn’t remember where she got them so she just put them in places,” said Doyle. “It’s not fair to the little guy who is trying to get his name out and the supporters trying to support that candidate.”

Carter said he wouldn’t pursue charges either but he never expected her to strike again.

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