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Asking College Kids About Socialism Leads to Some Seriously Troubling Answers

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Asking College Kids About Socialism Leads to Some Seriously Troubling Answers

Holy cow….

The Campus Reform team has become famous for proving just how uneducated college kids can be about so-called Social Justice issues and I love that they have no intention of slowing down.

“Last year, a poll was released showing 53 percent of Americans under age 35 are dissatisfied with our nation’s current economic system and think socialism would be good for the country,” Campus Reform notes. “The same poll found that 45 percent of young Americans would be willing to support an openly socialist Presidential candidate.”

And yet in the same poll it was discovered that many many millennials admit to being “unfamiliar” with the TRUE likes of Che Guevera, Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx.

How do you define socialism?
“I mean, honestly, that definition gets thrown around a lot. I mean, honestly, I’m not not exactly sure.”
“Economically, hm. … So… Let me think about that for a second…”
“Um, geeze. I guess, just, specifically, just, you know — getting rid of that wealth gap.”
“Um, how would I describe it as literally as possible? Uh…”
“I mean it’s definitely more of an open form of government and it feels a lot more accessible to a lot more people, And that’s kind of how I see it, being more accessible and more kind of like equal ground. Yeah.”

INTERVIEWER: “What does that mean necessarily, though?”
“To be quite honest I don’t know.”

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