Former Bill Clinton advisor and political commentator Dick Morris appeared on “The Cats Roundtable”, weighing in on the alleged Russian collusion.

Morris said it was actually “an attempt at a coup d’etat” meant to “topple” the Trump administration.

“The main thing that is going on, though, in politics is really an attempt at a coup d’etat, which is essentially what this whole Russian stuff is,” Morris said to host John Catsimatidis. “In fact, I call it the illusion of collusion. The whole Democratic party is so taken up with the idea that Hillary [Clinton] lost the election because of collusion between Trump and [Vladimir] Putin.”

He continued, “I think the whole thing has been cooked up in an effort to topple Trump from power. It amounts really to a coup d’etat between the intelligence community on the one hand and the media on the other.”

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