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Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats Rejected in UK…Wait Until You Hear Why!

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Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats Rejected in UK…Wait Until You Hear Why!

Just when you think humanity has reached a bottom in their stupidy, the United Kingdom goes and pulls something like this.

Something as reasonable as a legal banning of eating cats and dogs has been rejected in the United Kingdom.

Yep, you heard right.

You’d think it would go without saying that we shouldn’t eat cats and dogs but apparently it’s rocket science to those living in the U.K. because they literally blocked the ban, but wait until you hear why.

Summit News reports,

A legal ban on eating dogs and cats in the UK has been blocked over fears it might offend people from South-East Asian countries.

Yes, really.

After a bill was drawn up to make possession of dog or cat meat illegal in the UK, civil servants stepped in to halt the move.

Tory MP Giles Watling was later told that the main reason the Ministry of Justice blocked the bill was over fears it would be seen as “culturally insensitive” to dictate to other countries what they could eat, despite the fact that it would have no impact whatsoever on South-East Asian countries where dog and cat meat is consumed.

“Dogs are our companion animals. We do not eat them, and that is a very important message to send to the rest of the world,” said Watling

“It’s not culturally insensitive because we’re not telling them what to do – we’re just telling them what we do,” he added, noting that he was “surprised” by the MoJ’s objection.

So apparently, they think it’s more important not to offend lunatics who eat cats and dogs than to ACTUALLY EAT cats and dogs. That is absurd!

Let’s analyze this and reduce it out to its absurdity to demonstrate how flawed their thinking actually is.

There are people living in America or the UK, who have lived among tribes that practice cannibalism. Applying the same standard and reasoning, we would also have to reject a ban on eating human meat so as to not offend someone.

Feelings DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT determine reality!

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