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Ben Shapiro Agrees To Hire Man-Hating Feminist’s Son

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Ben Shapiro Agrees To Hire Man-Hating Feminist’s Son


LOL So Ben Shapiro went on the war path against feminist Jody Allard who wrote an insane article about men not being safe, which sounded a lot like saying all men rape. Shapiro offered her son an internship during one of his latest podcasts and apparently he took it!

Apparently her pseudo-feminist beliefs even extend to her own son whom she seemingly shames on quite a regular basis. Her 19-year-old son is, as she’s pointed out, grown to resent her for her words. Further prompting Shapiro to make the offer.

She tried to make a snide comment on Twitter and of course the man fired back!

As written for The Daily Wire by Amanda Prestigiacomo:

It’s happening: the 19-year-old Jared Allard, son of insane feminist writer Jody Allard, has submitted his resume to Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro after being offered a possible internship during a segment on Friday’s Ben Shapiro Show podcast.

The request was made by Shapiro after Allard wrote a particularly disturbing post for feminist blog Role Reboot in which she called her boys, and all other men, “not safe,” seemingly suggesting they are prospective rapists.

“Okay, if the son of Jody Allard is watching this right now, please write me an email,” said Shapiro during the podcast. “I would be happy to have you intern with us over at The Daily Wire. I think you deserve better than what your mother has provided to you: a label as a potential rapist.”

Crazy Feminist Scolds Shapiro For Offering Internship To Her Son. So Shapiro SLAMS Her With This One Hilarious Fact.

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