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Biden Says Maggie Thatcher Called Him About Trump – There’s Just One HUGE Problem

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Biden Says Maggie Thatcher Called Him About Trump – There’s Just One HUGE Problem

No, that would be a really long distance call considering the Iron Lady is dead but not forgotten. Furthermore, Biden said she called him to help get rid of Trump. Margaret Thatcher would have loved Trump as much as she loved Reagan and would never support an insipid fool such as Biden. This is not Biden’s first gaffe. He is notoriously known for not knowing where he is when giving speeches. Trump will never have to beat Biden because the new far left will never allow him to win. He is trying to talk far-left-ese, but he has too much history to get away with that.

From The American Mirror

Joe Biden is so popular among world leaders, he’s having a hard time keeping them all straight.

Biden, who would be 78 on Inauguration Day, told a small group of donors in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday that “14 heads of state” have contacted him, and “voiced concerns about Trump.”

Bloomberg reports:

That list included Margaret Thatcher, he said, before correcting what he called a “Freudian slip,” that he was actually referring to current British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Biden decried Trump calling his foes names, before the former vice president called him a “clown” and “no good S.O.B.,” according to Bloomberg.

Earlier in the day, Biden played to “just a few hundred people” at a rally in the same city earlier in the day:


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