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Biden’s Extraordinary “American” Ad Isn’t Actually American at All

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Biden’s Extraordinary “American” Ad Isn’t Actually American at All

An artist featured in former Vice President Joe Biden’s latest campaign ad, which is titled “America: Anything Is Possible,” isn’t actually American. The ad shows footage of an artist at work while Biden says he’s “more optimistic about America’s chances in the world today than I have been in my whole career.”

Just one problem…

The artist isn’t American — he’s Danish, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The Biden campaign purchased rights to the video from a stock footage company, Dissolve Ltd., which had purchased the video from a company called Scandinavian Images Exclusive. Dissolve’s website labels the video: “Medium shot of a man painting in a workshop.”

TheDCNF confirmed the artist’s name with Dissolve, but opted not to identify him by name as he didn’t deal with the Biden campaign directly.

The Biden campaign did not return a request for comment on its use of a foreign artist in an ad about America.

The footage was shot in April 2018 in Zealand, Denmark, according to a release the artist signed, which Dissolve shared with TheDCNF.

The artist did not immediately return TheDCNF’s email requesting comment on his inclusion in the ad.

Biden’s team couldn’t be bothered to film their own B reel? This might be somewhat of a petty gripe but if his campaign crew can’t take the time to properly vet a video why is he even running. Biden, himself, isn’t fit for the job and was confirmed by Obama who chose to back Hillary instead.

The Washington Examiner:

“Obama thought that if his vice president ran, he would be beaten in the Democratic primaries by Hillary Clinton. In summer of 2015, Obama “gently pressed” Biden against his 2016 aspiration, according to the New York Times.

He also worried about Biden’s state of mind should he have decided to run. Biden was grieving over the death of his 46-year-old son, Beau, who died of brain cancer in May of 2015. Obama sent his own strategist to discuss the long odds to Biden.

“The president was not encouraging,” Biden said after the meeting. The report follows news Thursday that around that same time Biden met with senior adviser David Plouffe at Obama’s behest. Plouffe, Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, asked Biden: “Do you really want it to end in a hotel room in Des Moines, coming in third to Bernie Sanders?”

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