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Bill Maher Blasts Adam Schiff: Accuses him of Stalking Donald Trump

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Bill Maher Blasts Adam Schiff: Accuses him of Stalking Donald Trump

Democrat lawmaker and anti-Trumper Adam Schiff went on with Bill Maher on Friday night after the release of the Mueller Report in the last two weeks. Shifty Schiff, who previously said he had evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, went on to discuss the findings in the Mueller Report.

Schiff told Maher the report concluded that “Russians were engaged in a systemic effort to interfere in our election; that the Trump campaign welcomed it, embraced it, built it into their plan, made full use of it, lied about it, covered it up, and then obstructed the investigation into it.” Of course, the Mueller Report said the exact opposite. That Trump and his campaign and transition team and administration did not collude with Russia and did not obstruct justice.

But this was our big gun. Now it just looks like you’re stalking him.”

Even Bill Maher gets it! That doesn’t stop Dems from trying to twist the facts to fit their narrative.

Fox News:

Senate Democrats are expected to grill Attorney General William Barr in a dramatic and explosive hearing on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. ET, as he faces lawmakers’ questions for the first time since releasing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report amid accusations he sought to present the investigation’s findings in President Trump’s favor.

In a bombshell article sure to feature prominently in Wednesday’s hearing, the Washington Post reported Tuesday evening that Mueller contacted Barr, both in a letter and in a phone call, to express concerns after Barr released his own public summary of the report in March. Mueller reportedly pushed Barr to release the executive summaries written by the special counsel’s office, saying that Barr’s version failed to capture the full “context, nature, and substance” of the investigation’s conclusions.

So, Democrats want to hash it out with Barr and grill him, once again, over Mueller’s findings. Pathetic!

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