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Black Pastor Drops Bomb at White House Roundtable With Bold Declaration About Trump

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Black Pastor Drops Bomb at White House Roundtable With Bold Declaration About Trump

President Trump has made strides in so many areas in government since he took office that it spins your head. But it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He has a packed agenda and knows what areas to target.

Trump takes on issues that other presidents shied away from and avoided and he does it fearlessly. I tend to go more by what President Trump does than by what he says. If you look at his actions and what he has accomplished, it is mind-blowing. And he has done this for all Americans, regardless of race, s*x or religion.

On Wednesday, President Trump held a roundtable discussion at the White House concerning prison reform. One of those attendees, a black pastor, was very vocal in praising Trump and his efforts. He dropped a bomb at that White House roundtable and described Trump as possibly the “most pro-black president” he’d seen in his lifetime.

That says a lot about Barack Obama, doesn’t it? “This administration has taken a lot of people by surprise. And it’s going to surprise you guys even more because this is probably the most proactive administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime. And I’ll be 60-years-old in December,” Pastor Darrell Scott proudly declared at the meeting. That’s impressive.

Pastor Scott is a member of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition. He also served on Trump’s transition team. “[T]o be honest, this is probably going to be the — and I’m going to say this at this table — the most pro-black President that we’ve had in our lifetime because — and I try to, you know, analyze the people that I encounter.

This President actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community, and our ethnic community,” Scott added. With record low unemployment for the black community and race no longer being a divisive issue, I am sure that is true. Pastor Scott is right.

Pastor Scott was blunt about Obama. He said former president never felt he needed to make the effort the way Trump has. Scott also urged everyone to give President Trump a chance. “He felt like he didn’t have to prove it. He got a pass,” Scott said.

“This President is — this administration is probably going to be more proactive regarding urban revitalization and prison reform than any President in your lifetime.” “[G]ive him a chance. Don’t pay any attention to these guys back here,” he said, pointing towards the media. “And I’ll promise you, we will do something that — we will — this administration will continue to make history. It’s going to be a lot of positive changes. Great things are on the horizon, I promise.”

The proof is in Trump’s actions and what he has done for the black community. It sure makes Barack Obama look weak in comparison.

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