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Blue Wave’s Lost Momentum – Dems Broken Agenda And Lies Exposed

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Blue Wave’s Lost Momentum – Dems Broken Agenda And Lies Exposed

At this point, it’s pretty evident that Democrats are grabbing at straws. Their message gets lost on their own voters because the narratives they try to push change with every new day. As each new lie is exposed by the more level-headed right Democrats quickly regroup to spin a new web.

This vicious but comical cycle leaves the party completely without direction because they’re too busy chasing their own tail to actually campaign on matters that concern their constituents.

Just like the latest lie from the liberal media, who shared a photo of immigrant children in cages and blamed Trump,  but was exposed as a photo actually taken during the Obama administration. The whole bogus reporting has Shapiro calling ‘fake news’.

As Written By The Daily Wire:

The discussion started with the panel of hosts asking about the rockets Hamas has launched into Israel, including one into an Israeli kindergarten. Shapiro noted that on Monday, Palestinian Arabs were caught attempting to break through the border with knives and incendiary devices in order to kill Israelis. He continued:

This is why the media bias has been so egregious, particularly from other networks like CNN and MSNBC on the Israeli issue, demonstrating once again that all of their coverage in the last couple of weeks after the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem was just a lie. The idea that Hamas was not promoting violence at the border, and that this was all peaceful protests, and the idea that Israelis were firing indiscriminately into crowds: it’s just nonsense and every single day Hamas is just demonstrating that it is a terrorist group and it is acting as terrorist groups do.

Host Pete Hegseth asked why the media won’t cover what Hamas actually does. Shapiro answered:

It’s unbelievable; it really is, because it’s not even as though Hamas is attempting to hide the ball. During that actual conflagration there was a top member of Hamas who went on television and said virtually everyone who was killed was a terrorist and the media kept reporting it as though Israel was firing indiscriminately into crowds. If that isn’t actual fake news, I’m not sure what is.


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