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BOMBSHELL: Border Patrol Agent Just Exposed The Media On LIVE TV

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BOMBSHELL: Border Patrol Agent Just Exposed The Media On LIVE TV

The mainstream “Fake News” media hasn’t been reporting the facts from the border. That doesn’t surprise anyone after the last ten years of non-stop liberal bias from CNN, ABC, MSNBC etc.. Remember when Barack Obama did no harm and had the first scandal-free administration? Yeah, neither do we, but the media claims are completely opposite. There is a video going around that shows all the local news outlets reading from a script claiming they have you in their best interest. Let us know what you think.

Del Cueto went into detail about how young women are given birth control pills because families know they may be sending their daughters on a perilous journey where sexual abuse is a possible risk.

Then, he dug into the name-calling that has been directed at border patrol agents — with some even being called Nazis.

“It is sickening that certain members of the media have chosen to attack border patrol agents and describe us as a Nazis. That is disgusting that you would even think that. I don’t know where that even comes from,” Del Cueto said.

He added, “Agents that I know that I have worked with, myself included, go to the field numerous times with our own food that we buy, toys, clothes, everything else, so we can assist to these people we arrest of the border. To compare us to Nazis as a whole new low. That is the most disgusting thing.”

Then, he took a turn to destroy the narrative surrounding the president and immigration policies.

“The reality is, the pictures you are seeing from a lot of these media outlets are from the last administration, not from President Trump’s Administration. You can spin it any way you want but the reality is, I’m out there, all the time. I work that border, and I’m telling you right now, things are being done correctly,” Del Cueto said.

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