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BOOM: Former ICE Agent DESTROYS Cuomo After His SICK ‘Thugs’ Remark

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BOOM: Former ICE Agent DESTROYS Cuomo After His SICK ‘Thugs’ Remark

The delusional Gov. Andrew Cuomo still believes that bashing ICE will win him votes. As if the American public doesn’t care about what happens to their tax money or more importantly their safety. In a heated debate with his opponent, Cynthia Nixon, Cuomo hopped around on subjects hoping to hit one that sticks with voters.

Not so fast, Cuomo. Former ICE agent David Ward challenges Governor Cuomo, asking ‘Who else are they gonna get to do it?’ after the New York governor called ICE agents ‘thugs’ in a debate.

According to Fox Insider, he (Cuomo) said he is suing the Trump administration for “ripping children” from their mothers. Nixon has also called ICE a “terrorist organization” and supported the organization’s demise.

“I challenge Governor Cuomo to come up with one incident where an ICE agent ripped a feeding child from his mother’s breast,” Ward said, adding that Cuomo’s rhetoric is not factual and that both Democrats embody an “insane strategy.”

As Reported By The Washington Post:

The fight between New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon began, as so many New York arguments begin, with a dispute about the subway.

Cuomo, who is seeking a third term this year, had begun his first and only debate with Nixon by promising not to run for president. Nixon, who has never run for any office — and who trails Cuomo in every public poll — began on the attack, saying that the governor is a “corporate, corrupt Democrat,” a line she has used on the trail.

Over the next hour, the governor surprised Nixon by going negative, ripping into his challenger as a phony who concealed her tax records (she has not) and would run the state into debt-driven chaos. Nixon, who is unlikely to have another chance to debate Cuomo before the Sept. 13 primary, responded with scorn and bafflement.

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