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BOOM! Hidden Camera CATCHES Dem in OUTRIGHT THEFT On Campaign Trail!

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BOOM! Hidden Camera CATCHES Dem in OUTRIGHT THEFT On Campaign Trail!

This is just crazy. Only a Democrat can be caught doing something criminal, ON CAMERA, and still, run for office.

Democratic State Rep. Matt LoPresti of Hawaii was caught stealing his opponent’s campaign handout off a person’s door in a video that has recently surfaced which has led to the lawmaker admitting that he repeatedly has stolen his opponent’s campaign handouts.

The video comes as LoPresti “is running for the seat vacated by Will Espero, who’s running for lieutenant governor,” Hawaii News Now reported.

According to the Daily Wire, In a statement, LoPresti said: “Political campaigns can be intense and emotions can cloud the otherwise good judgment of even the best people. I sincerely apologize and have deep regret over my having taken some of those flyers.”

What’s even more ridiculous than his apology is his excuse and defense! The lawmaker tries to say that he returned more flyers than he stole. Without evidence, of course. He also blamed his emotions for clouding his judgment but wants to be put into office when he is admirably easily clouded? YIKES!

“What this video does not show, however, is that very same day I returned flyers that were taken,” LoPresti claimed without providing any evidence. “I am grateful for the opportunity to come clean and admit my own failures and promise to my family, my friends, my opponent and my community to keep on the high road in the future no matter how negative a campaign gets or how clouded my emotions become.”

Alicia Maluafiti, LoPresti’s opponent, responded to the video by writing on Facebook: “Who knows how many more went missing?”

Hawaii News Now notes that LoPresti, who represents House District 41, is running for Senate District 19.

How is this guy still running for office? If you’re caught committing a crime, especially DURING the campaign, should you be removed from the ballot?

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