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BOOM! O’Reilly Blows the Lid Off This Obama-Era Scandal the Media is Desperately Trying to Bury!

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BOOM! O’Reilly Blows the Lid Off This Obama-Era Scandal the Media is Desperately Trying to Bury!

Former Fox News host and conservative powerhouse Bill O’Reilly is cutting through the media spin job and exposing what is truly happening as we inch closer to the truth about #SpyGate being revealed.

O’Reilly correctly states that what we see happening with the media frenzies over Russia, and Cohen tapes, and Stormy Daniels, and everything else that the left is hurling at President Trump is all being done in order to cover up the biggest political scandal of our lifetime, Barack Obama’s #SpyGate.

“The war between the press and President Trump continues in a fierce way. Mr. Trump calling the media “the enemy of the people” because he believes distorted information about his administration is out of control.”

“What exactly is Donald Trump supposed to do when the press has openly positioned itself to remove him from office? The term fighting fire with fire applies here.”

“It has now become clear that the Obama administration was surveilling the Trump campaign and used highly questionable means to do that. That is an enormous story. Is the national press aggressively pursuing that situation?”

And if Hillary had succeeded in stealing the election – we wouldn’t know anything!…The truth is coming to the surface. Things can’t be done overnight and for the decades this corruption has gone on, 18 months into Trump Presidency is no time at all yet to drain the swamp…Things are getting exposed including the pedophilia that has and continues to go on.

I do enjoy O’Reilly from time to time.  Every now and again, he hits the nail on the head. For example:

When the media becomes the propaganda arm of one party it does become the enemy of the people. That coupled with out of control intelligence agencies that coordinate their effort with said media to suppress the truth and make up facts to unseat a sitting POTUS. Very scary!

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