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BOOM!! Senator Sets The Record Straight On The White House Flag NON-Scandal

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BOOM!! Senator Sets The Record Straight On The White House Flag NON-Scandal

Every news outlet, including Fox News, have ripped into Trump for flying the flag at half-staff for 48 hours – per protocol, following the death of Sen. John McCain. They’ve all claimed that Trump did this out of spite. Thankfully a neutral party, Senator James Inhofe, spoke up and set the record straight.

Inhofe told reporters on Monday that Senator McCain was “partially to blame” for the non-controversy over the lowering of the White House flag. Which may be the case, but again Trump was just following protocol.

CNN reported:

‘Republican Sen. James Inhofe told reporters Monday that Sen. John McCain was “partially to blame” for the controversy over the lowering of the White House flag.

Inhofe, a senior member of Senate Armed Services Committee, was highly complimentary of McCain but when asked about the flag flap he attributed it to the late senator’s public spat with President Donald Trump in recent years. He described both men as “strong willed people.”

“Well, you know, frankly, I think that John McCain is partially to blame for that because he is very outspoken. He disagreed with the President in certain areas and wasn’t too courteous about it,” Inhofe said.

On Saturday evening, the White House flag had been positioned at half-staff to mark the death of McCain, the former Vietnam prisoner of war and onetime Republican presidential nominee. But just after midnight on Sunday night, the flag flying above the White House was hoisted back to full staff.’

Some of the things news outlets have said:

USA Today: ‘The U.S. flag flying over the White House was brought back down to half-staff Monday afternoon after an outcry over the decision to raise it just two days after the death of Arizona Sen. John McCain In his first formal statement on McCain’s death, President Donald Trump said he respected McCain’s service and ordered the flags back down. … Amid an outpouring of praise for McCain – a former prisoner of war, a longtime lawmaker and two-time GOP presidential candidate – Trump made only a brief statement about the senator’s death, offering condolences to his family on Twitter but no words of praise for McCain himself. The two had a long history of mutual disdain. Monday, veterans groups criticized the decision to lower the flag for only two days.”


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