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BREAKING: “Gun Confiscation” Candidate Makes CRITICAL ERROR When Confronted With This Question

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BREAKING: “Gun Confiscation” Candidate Makes CRITICAL ERROR When Confronted With This Question

CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled far-left Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Sunday over her support for confiscating guns from law-abiding Americans and for her support for banning semi-automatic rifles.

Abrams, who said last month that she wants to ban semi-automatic rifles if she is elected governor, appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” where she once again said that semi-automatic rifles must be banned in the state.

“When you were a state lawmaker in 2016, you co-sponsored a bill that would have allowed Georgia state authorities to take away so-called assault weapons from current gun owners,” Tapper began. “Most similar bans would grandfather in existing weapons of that sort, semiautomatic rifles that are called assault weapons. So, is that your current position, that law-abiding gun owners in Georgia should have to give up those weapons if authorities deem it necessary?”

But don’t worry, it’s ‘just talk’, says Abraham.

“In the state of Georgia, you introduce legislation to start conversations,” Abrams said as she tried to dodge answering the question. “I am happy to work with the legislature to figure out how we make an assault weapons ban work.”

More of her INSANE-key elements of this story continue below the video”

As Reported By The Daily Wire:

A group of men appearing to belong to the Black Panther Party marched in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend showing their support for far-left Democratic gubernatorial nominee Abrams while they were armed with rifles.

“The picture was posted on the group’s Facebook page and the caption says they’re ‘not working with any campaign –but rallying against voter suppression,'” CBS 46reported.

Kemp, who shared the photo is running against gun-grabbing Abrams. He added:

“How radical is my opponent? Look at who is backing her. The New Black Panther Party is “a racist…antisemitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews, & law enforcement” RT if you agree that Abrams & the Black Panthers are TOO EXTREME for GA!”

Extreme, indeed…


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