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BREAKING: Lawyer Who Falsified FBI Docs Worked for Current ICIG Who Modified Whistle-blower Form to Allow Hearsay

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BREAKING: Lawyer Who Falsified FBI Docs Worked for Current ICIG Who Modified Whistle-blower Form to Allow Hearsay

Everything that former Presiden Barack Obama touched turned to garbage during his reign as President.

Democrats, especially the Obamas and Biden, like to boast that there was not a single scandal while he was in office for 8 years. We’re not stupid and we know much better than that. I could name a dozen just off the top of my head. Everything was corrupt, that’s why we’re in the shape that we’re in now and why President Trump has had to fire so many individuals.

Over the weekend we learned from another leak to the Washington Post, that an individual in Obama’s FBI altered documents that provided support for a FISA Warrant obtained to spy on candidate and President Trump.

According to Conservative Treehouse,

If you have followed the case closely, the intentional removal of Peter Strzok in combination with the explanation of the lawyer’s FISA responsibilities; and in combination with prior reporting of FBI lawyer 2; it seems pretty obvious the line-level lawyer was Kevin Clinesmith.

If the WaPo article had added all the detail and left in how the line-level attorney worked for Peter Strzok everyone would have known who it was. Hence they put in more details about his activity but removed the Strzok reference.

Kevin Clinesmith was one of the key FBI small group members on the original Clinton investigation known as the “mid-year exam”, or in text messages the “MYE”.

Within the MYE Clinesmith was one of the key legal staff working with Peter Strzok. Clinesmith was lawyer #2 for Strzok who eventually transferred to the subsequent Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Clinesmith was also previously reported to be having an intimate relationship with another member of the FBI team, Sally Moyer, though that is uncertain. [Tashina “Tash” Guahar was also a key legal figure on the Main Justice side of the MYE team.]

Sally Moyer was FBI unit chief in the Office of General Counsel (counterintelligence legal unit within the FBI Office of General Counsel).

Ms. Moyer was responsible for the legal compliance within the FBI counterintelligence operations that generated FISA applications.

When the MYE investigation finished, the Carter Page FISA construction is where Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer come together in their next assignment, the FBI investigation of Trump.

Strzok, Clinesmith, Moyer, all of them need to be thrown in jail…prison even for this treason. When you purposely try to overthrow a sitting President of the United States, ESPECIALLY by unlawful means, that is treason and it should be punished to the highest standard possible.

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