In this Breaking news video, the piers at the Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia have reportedly been placed on lockdown. The cause of the lockdown is that a diver was reported as seen in the water by various ship’s watchstanders. The base has deployed the appropriate departments in response. The brand new aircraft carrier, USS Gerald Ford, is at these piers and an event there has been canceled. The threat would be assumed to be sabotage or spying. Stay tuned for updates as they occur.

As Written By Mark Faram for the Navy Times:

Norfolk, Va. — Naval Station Norfolk’s piers and ships are on lockdown after reports this morning of a possible diver in the water.

“At 9 a.m. this morning a shipboard watch stander reported a possible diver in the water,” said Kelly Wirfel, spokeswoman for Naval Station Norfolk. “That sighting was confirmed by multiple other watch standers and the situation is still under investigation.”

Wirfel said that The Navy Criminal Investigation Service, Navy explosive ordnance disposal, Naval Station Norfolk base security and fire departments are still on scene investigating the sighting.



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