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Broadway Star Launches HORRIFIC Attack on Christians With SICKEST Comparison Yet

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Broadway Star Launches HORRIFIC Attack on Christians With SICKEST Comparison Yet

The Hollyweird leftist continues to prove their hatred for both conservatives and Christians. In this latest slam, one Broadway star takes aim at BOTH in the sickest way.

Wester Journal reports:

“Broadway star Patti LuPone said in a recent interview that conservative Christians in America are “no different” from the Islamic extremist group responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

LuPone, the winner of two Tony Awards and star of the 1990s ABC dramatic series “Life Goes On,” discussed a range of topics with the U.K. Guardian in an interview published Thursday.

In one passage of the interview, LuPone said the “Christian right in America is no different from al-Qaida.”

The 69-year-old actress went on to emphasize her point without elaborating on specific points of comparison.

“Print that, because someone needs to say it out loud!” she told interviewer Hadley Freeman, who described a “big cackle” LuPone let out upon considering the likely backlash of her statement.

It’s not the first time that LuPone has lashed out against those with whom she disagrees politically. In an interview last year, the target of her hostility was President Donald Trump.

“He’s a f—ing-a– motherf—ing a–hole,” she said on’s “Show People With Paul Wontorek,” further describing him as “a f—ing nut” and “certifiably insane.”

The actress then expressed outrage that impeachment proceedings hadn’t been initiated against Trump.

“He has compromised this country and it is tantamount to treason what he just did,” LuPone declared in the May 2017 interview, without naming the president’s alleged high crime.

“Why are we not doing anything about it?” she said. “Why is it taking so long (to impeach him)? What the f— is going on in this country?”

She also gained some social media notoriety last year for her red-carpet response to a reporter who asked if she would like Trump to see her perform.

“Well, I hope he doesn’t, because then I won’t perform,” she said.

When asked to elaborate, LuPone offered a profane punctuation.

“Because I hate the motherf—er, how’s that?” she replied.

During her most recent interview, she defended her reputation as a diva, telling Freeman that if “someone has the talent they have the RIGHT to be temperamental.”

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