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Feinstein Gives Answer To Evidence of Trump/Russian Collusion

“Do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?”

/ May 4, 2017

Parents Meet One of the Good Samaritans That Saved Their Babies Life in Texas Storm

These are stories and the heroes coming out of the Canton, Texas storms.

/ May 1, 2017

Welcome To Day 101 Of Trump!

POTUS Makes Powerful Statements In Weekly Address

/ April 30, 2017

Trump revisits ‘The Snake’ poem

A dramatic reading as only Trump can do it.

/ April 30, 2017

First 100 Days: Niece Of MLK JR Weighs In

"President Trump gets an...."

/ April 29, 2017

TOP THIS, UNITED! Delta Pilot SMACKS Female Passenger

"Hey United, hold my beer..."

/ April 29, 2017

Even Bill Maher Is Slamming Obama Now

It's Common Of All Presidents But This One Takes The Cake

/ April 29, 2017

Trump’s “Ties” to Russia are unfounded and low hanging fruit

Is This An Attempt To Bring Back The Red Scare?

/ April 29, 2017

Fabio: California Is a ‘Mess’ Because of Liberal Policies

"Coming from Europe, I already saw this movie before."

/ April 29, 2017