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Britney Spears isn’t on the ballot so how did she just conquer an election in Israel?

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A Russian warship entered the eastern Mediterranean Friday and was heading toward the area where two U.S. Navy destroyers launched missile strikes into Syria. Watch the latest video at The U.S. struck a Syrian airbase in retaliation for this week’s gruesome chemical weapons attack against civilians, including infants and small children, military officials said. …

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Something about Grey Goose and french fries making the bartender a racist…

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You can see how frustrated Kate Bolduan is as she attempts to deflect

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Just start swinging wild. You’re bound to hit something, right?

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LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC — A group of strangers worked together to save a man who was injured in a rollover crash in Lexington County, South Carolina. Bert Sorin posted video of the rescue on his Facebook page Tuesday where he explained he was just on the way to a meeting when he saw the red …

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