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Pelosi Makes the Most OUTRAGEOUS Statement to Date

Proves my theory that she thinks she's the Liberal Messiah...

/ July 13, 2017

How Shia Speaks To Officers Is Disrespectful!

What is it about some celebrities and thinking they’re above the law, above other people, you know… that stuff? Does the glitz and the glamour and the “fans” get to their heads? Anyway, here we have Shia LeBeouf… a perfect example. Very opinionated and thinks very highly of himself. And he was drunkenly arrested shouting at police officers. As written by Fox News: Newly-released footage from an officer’s bodycam video shows actor Shia LaBeouf cursing at Georgia police officers and arguing with authorities about his Saturday arrest. LaBeouf was arrested early Saturday morning in Savannah, Georgia for being drunk in...

/ July 12, 2017

Look What Hollywood Blames On Trump NOW

They did this to themselves!

/ July 10, 2017


Well now... that protestor just got it both barrels

/ July 8, 2017