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Breitbart’s Ian Hatchett reports that Pence said that neither Bannon and Bossert were demoted, and both are “highly valued members of this administration. They’re going to continue to play important policy roles. But I think with H.R. McMaster’s addition as our National Security Adviser, a man of extraordinary background in the military, this is just …

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Sean Hannity doing what he does best… asking the tough questions. Watch as he ponders if the media will apologize to President Trump after he’s proven right about his surveillance claims? Watch the latest video at My guess is they won’t. They’ll downplay it or ignore it entirely; it’s what they do best, after …

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Glenn Beck discusses the Susan Rice debacle like no other can.

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Clashes erupted among protesters and police when a dozen activists attempted to burn a US flag in front of the venue hosting the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Wednesday. During the melee a man tried lighting the American flag on fire. Moments after the flag was set on fire, officers charged in to put it …

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