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CBS Sitcom SUFFERS Epic Fail After Targeting Sarah Sanders With Humorless Stunt

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CBS Sitcom SUFFERS Epic Fail After Targeting Sarah Sanders With Humorless Stunt

The looney left still hasn’t caught on that fact that American’s are sick of their childish puns. In this latest epic failure, liberals spent way too much time splicing together videos bytes of  Press Secretary, Sarah Sander,  when what they should have done was spent more time hiring actual comedy writers.

The rebooted 1990s TV show “Murphy Brown” is continuing to prove itself to be too weighed down with vapid political rants to be a successful sitcom according to Conservative Tribune.

In its second episode since its original run 20 years ago, called “I (Don’t) Heart Huckabee” according to Fox News, the titular character, a liberal journalist played by Candice Bergen, sneaks into a White House news conference.

In a creative (is “creative” the right word?) use of editing technology, the episode features a fake cameo by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. This is a somewhat more underplayed approach to bringing in politics compared to its previous episode, which featured an embarrassing appearance by Hillary Clinton.

Sanders appears — thanks to some TV magic that spliced together clips of the real Sanders actually talking to reporters.

Diane English, the show’s creator, told the website Vulture that the effort to fabricate Sanders’ presence on the show “took a village.”

“We dedicated one of our writer’s assistants to pulling every press conference with Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” she explained.

“We found five of them, where she was wearing the same dress and her hair, was the same, so we had a lot of choices for facial expressions and words.”

Let’s see whether all their hard work was worth it. In the scene, Brown interrupts reporters after sneaking into the press conference disguised as a French reporter (comedy gold).

The character hops onto her handy soapbox and confronts Sanders — that is, the digital Sanders clipped from real-life news conferences — telling her, “The role of the White House press secretary is to create transparency in the government and tell the American people the truth, but that’s not what’s happens in this room.”

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