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‘Chicago Four’ Member Sentenced For Brutal Attack On Disabled Teen – May Have Also Been Politically Motivated

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‘Chicago Four’ Member Sentenced For Brutal Attack On Disabled Teen – May Have Also Been Politically Motivated

Sentencing has begun to be handed down to the “Chicago Four”. The four teens who streamed the torture of a disabled teen on Facebook live back in 2016.  The teen’s attack was allegedly racially and politically motivated. Police say that it all began as a ‘play fight’ but ended up being a long and terrifying ordeal for the victim. The teens have been charged for hate crimes, among other crimes.

According to The Daily Caller, Jordan Hill, 20, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and hate crime charges in court Thursday, CNN reported. Footage of the attack showed Hill and his accomplices, Tesafaye Cooper and Brittany and Tanishia Covington, beating and kicking a tied-up disabled white teen while yelling “F*ck Donald Trump, n*gga! F*ck white people, boy! F*ck white people, boy.” Reports suggest the boy was tied up for anywhere from four to five hours.

**Warning: Content in this video may not be suitable for some viewers.

About the attack:

Police noted that one of the male suspects stole a van and, pretending that it was his own van, went to meet the victim. The victim got into the van with the suspect, and they went to one of the suspect’s friend’s houses on the West Side of Chicago for a two-day visit. During that time, the victim slept in the van. On January 3, they went to the residence of two of the other suspects, who were sisters. While at the sisters’ apartment, the victim and the male suspect “play-fought”, which ended in the sisters getting angry and tying the victim up.

The younger of the two sisters then turned on a Facebook Live stream to record the following events. The victim was bound, gagged, beaten, taunted, had part of his scalp removed with a knife, and was forced to kiss the floor and drink from a toilet bowl.

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