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CNN Busted COVERING For ANTIFA Attackers

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CNN Busted COVERING For ANTIFA Attackers

CNN is just sick with their liberal bias coverage. While the CNN host condemns the attack on a Conservative News reporter they conveniently left out the most brutal part of the attack. Essentially the news network downplayed the attack carried out by a vicious ANTIFA mob.

On Saturday, independent journalist Andy Ngo — an openly gay conservative editor at Quillette — was attacked by Antifa thugs, who doused him with “milkshakes,” punched him in the face, kicked him, and stole his GoPro. Ngo ended up in the hospital where he was treated for a brain hemorrhage among other injuries.

CNN host Stelter covered the incident and unequivocally condemned the violence. In the clip of the attack on Ngo aired by CNN, however, the most egregious violence was curiously edited out.

The moment was noted online by OANN’s Brian Posobiec, who slammed the “doctored” video, which begins after Ngo is punched and kicked:

Video of the attack was posted by Oregon-based reporter Jim Ryan, which shows Ngo being repeatedly punched in the face, kicked, and doused with the Antifa “milkshakes,” some of which were reportedly filled with wet cement:

Here is the part of the attack that CNN is leaving out:

As The Daily Wire has reported, a GoFundMe account conservative commentator Michelle Malkin set up for Ngo has quickly surpassed its goal of $50,000, bringing in over $140,000 as of the publication of this article.

“My friend, Portland, Oregon-based journalist Andy Ngo, was beaten and robbed today by Antifa while covering the latest paroxysms of left-wing violence,” Malkin wrote. “Andy has been singled out, doxxed, and targeted by SJW thugs while police stand by and do nothing. …. I said during my CPAC speech earlier this year that we need to stand with those reporting and fighting on the front lines. Andy is one of the intrepid journalists doing the job no one else will do.”

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