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CNN Host Says Voters Starting to Realize Democrats Don’t Want a Secure Border

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CNN Host Says Voters Starting to Realize Democrats Don’t Want a Secure Border

Dana Bash of CNN, who is a staunch supporter of the Democrat party, was forced to admit that the Democrats have no interest in a secure border and that voters have begun to realize it.

That is why so many Democrats are stepping away (Running away) from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Bash said that Trump’s message that Democrats do not want secure borders is starting to seep in with voters and securing the border is something practically everyone else wants.

Bash said that Democrats, particularly ones in more moderate states are telling her that they are hearing from constituents who want a border wall and a more secure border.

From The Daily Caller

“Could I just add one other thing, because obviously, as we’ve been saying, this should be and is framed as the president’s strategy all along and, therefore, it’s his political problem, much more so than Democrats. But that’s not to say it’s not a potential political problem for Democrats also,” Bash stated. 

She continued, “I’m hearing from senior Democrats that they are hearing more and more from their rank and file, particularly the new members who tend to come from more moderate districts saying they’re getting pounded because the Trump message, the Republican message that they don’t care about border security has started to seep in as well.”

The president has been saying that Democrats’ position on his proposed border wall makes them weak on crimedating back to before the shutdown.

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