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CNN Suggests Beating Certain White People To A Pulp Is Right For Sick Reason

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CNN Suggests Beating Certain White People To A Pulp Is Right For Sick Reason

It’s like the Armageddon of news when you see Chris Cuomo from CNN defending people attacking the innocent. Pair that with a news gaffe by ABC and you have the epitome of fake news and nonsense that no one in America should ever take seriously.

ABC News covered a story about a black man who was at the Unite The Right rally (huge joke by the way, because even a WNBA team can get a bigger turnout). The man was there with a very small crowd and they were outnumbered by Antifa and angry leftists by like thousands. There was a massive crowd of bitter protesters and only a small tiny pathetic group of white power people. The black man was with the so-called “white power” guys, who claim they actually are not for white power, but for power for all people.

Interestingly enough, the story wouldn’t be any good if people found out that the alleged white supremacists were not white supremacists at all, but more so advocates for freedom of speech. Why people are rallying for freedom of speech when we already have freedom of speech is pretty pointless, but I guess these folks just want to bash each other’s brains in senselessly. I don’t really care if they do or don’t, but it makes great videos to see them violently crush each other. The only problem is that they don’t actually accomplish anything, they get hurt, and then the police are barely allowed to do their job thanks to some mayors demanding them to stand down.

Throw all that in the mixed bag of nonsense and then you’ll see CNN on the other side acting like it’s OK to beat people to a pulp if it’s for the right reason. The funny thing is, all the people at these left vs right protests don’t have any actual reason to assault each other – but they do it because they like to. They do it because they are sick in the head. This is the American left. They cry. They hit. They’re like toddlers who soiled their diaper and were abused by their Democrat parents.

I had to stop reading ABC’s news story because they described a black man as wearing “all black” when the guy was wearing blue jeans and a black and white shirt. I don’t know if the writer of that article just had a racist Freudian slip or what, but they’re not correct. Blue jeans and white on the shirt is not the equivalent to “all black” All black is all black.

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