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Congress Smacks Down Schiff After He Attacks Trump’s Interpreter in Putin Meeting

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Congress Smacks Down Schiff After He Attacks Trump’s Interpreter in Putin Meeting

The Democrats are so unhinged and so afraid of what President Trump may have discussed with Putin in a private meeting, they are calling for the president’s interpreter to appear in a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Schiff argued that the interpreter could have witnessed a key exchange which would shed light on national security matters.

“It is our motion that the interpreter be subpoenaed to come and testify in closed session before our committee,” Schiff said during a public hearing on China’s threats to American government.

“I regret that we have to request this in today’s meeting. We requested a business meeting next week, but that request has been declined. This may be our last opportunity before we go into an extended recess to vote to subpoena the interpreter and find out if there are any other national security problems that arose from this meeting,” Schiff continued.

As Reported By The Washington Examiner:

Nunes noted that Schiff can only make a motion during a hearing to adjourn, to which Schiff defiantly replied, “Mr. Chairman, my motion is that we subpoena the interpreter,” adding that he realized that he was resorting to an “extraordinary remedy,” but argued it was one that was necessary because of Trump’s private meeting with an “adversary” and the president’s public comments that disavowed the U.S. intelligence community and “in many respects disavow his own country.”

Nunes shot back, saying he could not “entertain any such request.”

Schiff attempted to appeal the ruling of the chair and ask for yeas and nays. However, Nunes declared, “the chair has not made a ruling, but a denial of recognition. I’ll give you three minutes for opening statements.”

Schiff then sought to appeal the denial of recognition.

The entire exchange was slightly awkward as Schiff just couldn’t seem to understand that this was not either the time nor place for his ‘motion’.


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