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Conservative Activists Jump CA Governor’s Mansion Wall In Sombreros – Get Arrested

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Conservative Activists Jump CA Governor’s Mansion Wall In Sombreros – Get Arrested

On Wednesday, Conservative Immigration activists stormed the security wall surrounding the California Governor’s mansion demanding access to the building.

Activist Laura Loomer led the charge. Loomer who has been the center of many stunts, including interrupting congressional hearings and chaining herself to the doors of Twitter’s New York offices.

Loomer was joined by another activist. The duo wore ponchos and sombreros and the man was also sporting a fake mustache. According to reporters on Twitter, Nancy Pelosi impersonator also joined them.

The pair were eventually arrested by California state police and taken away in handcuffs.

The entire event was live-streamed on Pscp.

The Sacramento Bee posted this video of part of the protest & an argument that ensued with a restaurant manager who said employees didn’t feel comfortable serving them.

Weeks earlier, Loomer stormed Nancy Pelosi’s mansion and demanded access to her residence. Loomer was joined by a small group of allegedly illegal aliens from Guatemala and carried a large banner with the faces of innocent Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens in recent years.

Loomer was seen marching to the door of Pelosi’s mansion, demanding she be let in to make a “sandwich” with the other illegal immigrants. Law enforcement eventually confronted Loomer and her activists on the property but they did not arrest her.

California’s new slimeball Governor, Gavin Newsom.. who by the not a fan of wanting a border wall to protect the American people from invaders. Last November, Newsom lectured the country on why America needs to accept illegal aliens

“These children are barefoot. In diapers. Choking on tear gas,” Newsom wrote on Twitter after photos surfaced of a woman at the border with two young children trying to avoid tear gas canisters.

“Women and children who left their lives behind — seeking peace and asylum — were met with violence and fear. That’s not my America. We’re a land of refuge.
Of hope. Of freedom. And we will not stand for this.”

The hypocritical left is amusing. These people have walls surrounding their mansions and they have the nerve to lecture the people on why we shouldn’t have border security. Amazing ain’t it?

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