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Conservative Graduates Across The Nation Face A Blue Wave Of Hate

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Conservative Graduates Across The Nation Face A Blue Wave Of Hate

Students who support Trump are finding it hard to enjoy the bounty of all their years of hard work. One student, Kera O’Brien, was booed during her own graduation, by her classmates,  for wearing a Trump- Pence button on her cap. Unfortunately, her story is not unique in the current political climate.

Last year, the President’s son called out the bias and elite left that’s infected our colleges and was harshly slammed by the liberal media for speaking the truth. Now more the truth in his words shows to be true.

In his speech, Trump Jr. spoke out against the liberal elites’ inability to create an environment where all ideas – specifically conservative ideas – are welcomed, Washington Examiner wrote.

“In their perpetual quest for diversity, what universities are actually looking for isn’t diversity. They’re simply looking for a place where everyone looks different but thinks exactly the same. True diversity is diversity of thought, and that doesn’t exist right now,” he explained. “You are part of the movement. You guys are the leading edge. You are the freedom fighters, you are the warriors. You are the front lines, and you will determine the future of this country.”

According to the Lone Conservative site, they offer a platform for students, by students, to share their thoughts on politics, current events, and conservative campus culture. Our audience is those in college, just out of college, or even those about to enter college. In an academic world in which liberalism abounds and insanity is a daily occurrence, it can be hard to be a campus conservative.

If you’ve encountered something on campus that you find illogical, nonsensical, or just plain weird, we want to hear about it. Whether you’re a campus conservative feeling insecure about your ideology or repressed from speaking your mind, or a graduate hoping to better network with other young conservatives, we hope to be a new home for you.

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