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Convicted Killer Wins Approval To Move To Women’s Facility After Claiming To Be Transgender

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Convicted Killer Wins Approval To Move To Women’s Facility After Claiming To Be Transgender

Kristoffer Johansson, a convicted criminal who is a biological male, has been approved to be moved to a woman’s jail facility after claiming that he is now transgender.

Johansson is in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Vatchareeya Bangsuan and scattering her butchered body parts in a forest.

As reports,

“One in 50 male offenders in prisons say they are transgender, according to a survey by the Inspectorate of Prisons.” The Chief Inspector of Prisons, Peter Clarke, said there could be as many as 1,500 prisoners claiming they are transgender in England and Wales, at least ten times the previous estimate. He commented, “Sometimes we find the numbers of people identifying as transgender are higher in our survey than the prison will think.” Chair of the Prison Officers Association Mark Fairhurst speculated there “would always be some trying to abuse the system.”

Of course, they do.

Look, I’ll be honest. If I were serving a very long sentence, or maybe even just a short sentence in a prison full of hardened violent criminals where at any given moment I could be beaten up, raped, or killed, I’d say I was transgender also and want to be moved into a prison full of women, and that’s exactly what he is doing.

The convicted murderer made the request to move to an all-female facility, Hinseberg, in August, since Johansson was “tired of being sexually harassed by male inmates.”

“Based on an overall assessment of what has emerged in the case, it is judged not to have sufficient reasons for relocation to another institution,” the initial rejection to the request said. “The Västervik Norra facility is deemed to be the most suitable location where order and security can be maintained and where Kim Johansson’s need for appropriate enforcement content can be provided,” reported the Daily Wire.

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