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Critics Say Pelosi Was Intoxicated During Press Conference – This Is Just Painful To Watch

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Critics Say Pelosi Was Intoxicated During Press Conference – This Is Just Painful To Watch

78-year-old Democrat Congresswoman from California struggled to string words together during a press conference yesterday.

Nancy Pelosi fumbled over the phrase “soybean futures” among others, paused for inordinate amounts of time staring blankly into the camera, and asked a reporter to “repoot” a question

Nancy Pelosi embarrassingly struggled her way through a press conference. She slurred her words, awkwardly repeated phrases, paused for uncomfortable amounts of time or couldn’t pronounce words completely. It was delightfully awful.  Take a look.

The event was reminiscent of past conferences. Like the one, she did in 2017 over healthcare that was originally captured and reported by The American Mirror:

Pelosi struggled to speak off the top of her head.

“Under Trumpcare,” she said before looking at her notes, “uh, has put Zoe’s future at risk…”

Pelosi stumbled through an accusation that there would be a “crushing age tax. If you’re fif– fif– fifty to sixty-four.”

“Republicans offer to raise healthcares for America’s family must end now,” she proclaimed.

Moments later, Pelosi said, “The list can go on and on, I just named a few of the unfair– few areas of unfairness to America’s working families,” adding, “So the– that– what 57– 60% public p– p– are against that.”

She stumbled through the history of Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare.

Pelosi is “astonishingly poor political instincts,” The Washington Examiner Wrote.

So poor, in fact, that she has managed to bungle every aspect of her response to the scandal surrounding Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich.

The Michigan representative stands accused of multiple acts of sexual misconduct, including attempts to coerce subordinates into bed, inappropriate touching and caressing and other various sexual improprieties. Conyers’ office has also been caught using public funds and highly unusual accounting tricks to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit brought against the congressman by a former staffer alleging sexual misconduct.

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