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Crowder Goes Undercover At Abortion Clinic, What He FInds Will Make You Sick

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Crowder Goes Undercover At Abortion Clinic, What He FInds Will Make You Sick

The ‘Louder With Crowder’ YouTube rockstar, Steven Crowder, is known well for his shocking content – often provided by liberals just being themselves. Crowder set up a ‘sting’ style undercover operation to capture the inside of abortion clinics and late-term abortions. What he found…. just horrifying.

In Crowder’s powerful video, Mariel, who is 25 weeks pregnant, places a hidden camera on her person and goes into a Colorado abortion clinic, where all items save a photo ID are curiously banned. Babies at 25 weeks, mind you, are considered viable, with a 70% chance of survival outside the womb.

Mariel is told she’ll be briefed on an abortion and get an ultrasound soon, and is directed to sit in the waiting room. But while Mariel is waiting, she begins talking to a woman who is eight months pregnant (known as Patient X in the video) and set for an abortion that day. As she indicates to Mariel, the baby is perfectly fine; there are no known birth defects nor are there any known risks to her health.

“There’s nothing wrong with my pregnancy, like no fetal, whatever anomalies,” says Patient X. “All of that checked out fine. I mean they ran all the tests on him. I mean, he’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with him. They did the Down syndrome [test], they ran all of that stuff.”

The two also talk about the procedure, which aligns with what former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levtino has explained in a video for Live Action (transcript via Daily Wire):

At this point, the baby is almost fully developed and viable, meaning he or she could survive outside the womb if the mother were to go into labor prematurely. Because the baby is so large and developed, the procedure takes three or four days to complete,” says Levatino.

“On day one, the abortionist uses a large needle to inject a drug called Digoxin,” he continues. The drug will be used to cause fatal cardiac arrest, killing the baby. The Digoxin is injected into the baby’s head, torso, or heart via a needle to the mother’s abdomen.

“The baby will feel it,” Levatino says. “Babies at this stage feel pain.”

The mother’s cervix is then opened with sticks of seaweed called laminaria so the woman can give birth to the dead baby.

“While the woman waits for the laminaria to dilate her cervix, she carries her dead baby inside of her for two to three days,” the doctor explains. “On day two, the abortionist replaces the laminaria and may perform a second ultrasound to ensure the baby is dead. If the child is still alive, he administers another lethal dose of Digoxin.”

If the woman cannot make it to the clinic to give birth to the murdered baby, she might be advised to give birth to the child on a toilet, Levatino says. If the woman does make it to the clinic, but the baby does not fully come out, a dilation and evacuation procedure must be performed, meaning “the abortionist will use clamps and forceps to dismember the baby piece by piece.”

“Once the placenta and all the body parts have been removed, the abortion is complete,” he says.

A nurse then enters to question Patient X about how much money she has with her.

“How much did you bring with you?” she asks.

Patient X replies, “What?”

“Money-wise,” the nurse responds in a sharp tone. “How much did you bring with you?”

When it is understood that the woman has no money with her, the irritated nurse complains out loud, “So, you have zero dollars.”

So who picks up that tab, I wonder? Hopefully patient X didn’t go through with the abortion but it certainly didn’t seem like it was going that way.

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