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Crowder Is Back At It AGAIN! Calling Out The Violent Leftist Loonies!

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Crowder Is Back At It AGAIN! Calling Out The Violent Leftist Loonies!

Conservative champion and advocate of sorts, Steven Crowder, is a YouTube star best known for his confrontations with liberals. His videos general end with the targets looking ridiculous and belligerent while Crowder maintains his cool.

This time, Crowder chose to confront the ANTIFA member who offered a reward to anyone who would kill an ICE agent. The violent and bitter man lashed out at Crowder but needless to say, the young Conservative gets the last laugh.

According to The Washington Post, Brandon J. Ziobrowski, 33, was charged for using interstate and foreign commerce to transmit a threat to injure another person, a federal felony offense, one example in a spate of threats communicated “under the guise of political debate,” according to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling.

Ziobrowski created a Twitter account in March 2009. Using the handle @Vine_II, his tweets allegedly became increasingly threatening over time, spiking in 2018 with violence-inducing messages targeted at law enforcement.

On Feb. 24, 2018, Ziobrowski tweeted “Guns should only be legal for shooting the police like the second amendment intended,” according to the indictment. He further shared anti-law enforcement sentiments online, posting, “F— this police state shooting a cop should get you a medal.”

He then moved on to ICE Agents offering money for their assassination…

Ziobrowski was arrested earlier this month after posting on Twitter in July that he would give $500 to anyone who would kill an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent.

As Written By NBC News:

“According to the indictment, Ziobrowski had previously tweeted his desire to “slit” Sen. John McCain’s throat. Starting in February, he began to post tweets promoting violence against law enforcement.

In March he began tweeting threatening messages about ICE, according to the indictments.

On July 2, he tweeted: “I am broke but I will scrounge and literally give $500 to anyone who kills an ice agent. @me seriously who else can pledge get it on this let’s make it work.”

His Twitter account was suspended later that month at the request of law enforcement.”

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