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D.C. Residents GANG UP Against Trump, Police Investigate Death Threats At Trump Hotel

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D.C. Residents GANG UP Against Trump, Police Investigate Death Threats At Trump Hotel

In a strange new turn of events, the cookie leftist in the D.C area target Trump hotel and the one thing EVERYONE loves about the hotel. To make matters worse, the crackpots sent death threats to Trump supporters ahead of the event.

In the latest attempt to target Donald Trump, a group of D.C. residents complained to the city’s liquor board that the President of the United States does not pass the “good character” test required for those who sell alcohol in the city.

The group presented a litany of examples to the city’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board of what they believe represent his lack of good character, Politico reports.

The popular bar in the lobby of the Trump International Hotel which is frequented by supporters of Trump and foreign leaders is not included in the complaint due to it being managed by BLT Prime, but the hotel’s liquor license — often used to provide alcohol at events — is being targeted.

They’ve even started their own Facebook group– No JOKE: “For anyone who is interested in demonstrating against the election of Donald Trump, we will be organizing a peaceful demonstration outside of Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., beginning at 7:00 PM. Bring a sign, bring a friend, and please respect all laws remain peaceful.”

As Reported By Daily Wire:

Law enforcement officials with the Metropolitan Police Department have opened up an investigation in response to the threat, which was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, The Daily Mail reports.

“I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies,” the Twitter account wrote to right-wing pundit Cassandra Fairbanks.

The account used the DSA logo as its profile photo and added an emoji of a rose to its name, which is common among DSA supporters.

Shortly after the threat was posted, the owner of the account appears to have changed their Twitter handle, according to Fairbanks.

Apparently, they still have no idea how social media works because the geniuses decided to make those threats on Twitter of all places. In an attempt to cover up their crime, one member changed their Facebook handle. It’s almost laughable- almost.

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