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Dem Senator’s Campaign Ad IDIOTICALLY Copies HBO Ad For Fake Candidate

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Dem Senator’s Campaign Ad IDIOTICALLY Copies HBO Ad For Fake Candidate

The unoriginal, looney left has done it again. Their campaign ads have become more ridiculous the closer we get to November’s elections. The latest campaign ad is just idiotic as a Dem candidate copied a fictional character’s fake campaign ad- right off of HBO.

Prompting a hilarious comparison, Democratic Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, who is fighting a fiercely contested race with former Indiana state representative Mike Braun, released an ad for his senatorial campaign that copied an ad from the HBO series “Veep” for a fictional presidential candidate.

In the ad for fictional presidential candidate, Jonah Ryan called “Chopping,” Ryan is pictured with an axe as he chops wood. The ad starts with a shot of a tree log standing atop a tree stump as a voiceover intones, “Selina Meyer thinks she can chop our prosperity.” An axe splits the log with a thud. The voiceover continues, interspersed with the thuds from the axe splitting other logs.

Voiceover: “Our dignity (thud) and our stature around the world (thud). Well, someone is chopping back.”

Ryan appears with the axe over his shoulder: “I’m Jonah Ryan.”

Voiceover: “Vote for Jonah Ryan.” (Thud) “He’ll chop President Meyer down to size.”

In Donnelly’s ad, titled “Axe,” Donnelly, wearing protective glasses, is shown with an axe in his hand next to a tree stump with a log standing on it: He intones, “For the most part, I’m an easy-going guy. But not when Mike Braun keeps lying about my record.” He splits the log (thud).

Donnelly continues, “I split with my own party (thud) to support funding for Trump’s border wall. The liberal Left wants to chop defense spending. No way. I’m not into a fair fight. I’m about giving our troops the edge (Thud. thud. thud.). I voted to extend the Bush tax cuts. And Mike Braun? He ships jobs to China. We’ve got to cut that out.”

Well, if that doesn’t sum up his party as a whole, I don’t know what will.

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