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Democrat Counsel Get TOASTED By Rep. Gaetz During Impeachment Hearing (VIDEO)

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Democrat Counsel Get TOASTED By Rep. Gaetz During Impeachment Hearing (VIDEO)

Things got fiery in the House Judicial Committee’s impeachment hearing on Monday when Rep. Matt Gaetz questioned both Mr. Castor and Mr. Goldman who are respectively the Republican and Democrat counsel.

Rep. Gaetz was on a mission to expose Mr. Goldman’s bias and hatred toward President Trump, and he succeeded. (VIDEO DOWN BELOW)

Gaetz: “Are you a partisan?”

Goldman: “I am not a partisan.”

Gaetz then went on to ask about political donations to candidates. He first asked Mr. Castor is he’s ever made any political donations to which he responded that he don’t think he has or couldn’t remember any. He then asked Mr. Goldman if he had ever made any.

Goldman: “I do, sir.”

Gaetz: “You’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats.”

Goldman then tried to defend himself, but clearly he is partisan and biased against the President.

Gaetz then started addressing his social media activity.

Gaetz: “Have you ever tweeted at President Donald Trump?”

Mr. Castor said he had not, but Goldman apparently had.

Gaetz then showed everyone a tweet that Goldman posted in response to President Trump in which he suggesting the dubious, rumor-filled “Steele Dossier” was 100% factual, including the widely-debunked Trump “pee tape.”

“What lying?” Goldman tweeted at Trump in August 2018. “Nothing in the dossier has proved to be false (including your pee tape). But we can agree that we all look forward to the facts coming out. Everything that has come out so far has shown you to be an out and out liar (eg Cohen tape, purpose of June 9 meeting, etc).”

Gaetz: “As we sit here today, where you’ve, I guess, got a tweet about a ‘pee tape,’ presenting yourself as ‘not a partisan,’ hired by the Democrats to pursue the president, do you regret this tweet?”

Goldman: “Sir, I would be happy to put this investigation up with any of the nonpartisan investigations I did during my ten years as a federal prosecutor –”

Gaetz: “I just wanna know if you regret this tweet.”

Goldman: “I hope you read the evidence.”

Gaetz concluded the questioning time by listing hurting Americans whom he said would find their needs far more urgent that the “partisan” impeachment proceedings by Democrats, which Goldman called “the most urgent thing we could possibly do,” according to the Republican.

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