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Democrat State Representative Proposing Castrating All Men to End Abortions

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Democrat State Representative Proposing Castrating All Men to End Abortions

Illinois State Representative Diane Pappas proposes castrating all men and charging them to store their sperm to end abortions.  The argument many abortion proponents make is that the Founding Fathers did not outlaw abortion in the constitution.

There is a good reason for that. No one in that era ever considered for even a moment that people would kill innocent babies. They could not even imagine the possibility, even from the worst dregs of society.

From The Gateway Pundit

“We tried to keep politics out of this equation, as we were here to represent the parish members for Pro-Life. I personally, introduced myself as a business owner, who is a licensed insurance agent. Two minutes into the discussion, she revealed her views on the topic and how we won’t be able to change her mind,” Jackie Hayden wrote.

“Her eyes connected with mine and she said, ‘You know ladies, with technology the way it is, we wouldn’t have an abortion problem if we applied a plan. Now, I’ve been told it’s a bit radical, but if we allowed men to be castrated, took the sperm to the bank, collected tax dollars on it for storage, then when it’s time, to have the man decide he’s ready to begin a family…. well then problem is solved!\’”

This is reportedly the second time that Pappas has suggested this absurd plan to pro-life constituents.

Frederick Douglass Foundation president, and speaker for the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, Babette Holder is now calling for Pappas to be formally disciplined.

How about we encourage marriage before sex. Too bold? How about we encourage women to not give away one of their most precious gifts to just any man, but rather make a guy wait for that gift until she knows he’s the one. How about a moral revolution.

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