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Democrats Are Calling For Pelosi To Step Down

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Democrats Are Calling For Pelosi To Step Down

Even her own party is done with her!

Appearing on CBS This Morning, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) states that her fellow Democrats calling her to step down in her leadership roll are a “small issue” and that her critics are the same ones who have simply opposed her since last November.

“This is such a small item. It isn’t about me. Right now, our fight is about the Affordable Care Act. I’ve always had a challenge in the caucus, right from the start.”

She later added, “[T]hese people were against me last November. They started this before. the fact is — the fact is this, I led in ’05-’06 to take us to the majority, became speaker of the House. President Obama became president. He was our spokesperson for eight years. We just lost the election. we could write a message, but the fact is, we need our members to write the message, and they know full well that that is something we’re working with the Senate to go forward.”

“I’m a master legislator. I’m experienced in terms of knowing institutional memory of the Congress. ”

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