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Democrats Set To Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump This Week!

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Democrats Set To Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump This Week!

It seems as though the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee is finally set up to take stepson moving forward with trying to impeach President Trump.

The vote will be on a resolution that lays out the procedures for the investigation into the impeachment.

According to The Daily Wire,

“The vote, which is expected to occur on Wednesday, will lay out the ground rules for conducting hearings now that the committee has publicly announced it is considering recommending articles of impeachment against Trump,” CNN reported. “It is expected to follow the precedent set in 1974 over the committee’s procedures during then-President Richard Nixon’s impeachment proceedings.”

CNN noted that the resolution is expected to allow future House Judiciary hearings to be conducted in ways different than normal congressional hearings because the Democrat-controlled committee is considering impeachment. The resolution, which CNN said was “a major step,” is also expected to give Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) extra power to call hearings at the different committee levels in connection with “its impeachment deliberations.”

Even if they are successful in getting impeachment proceedings started, nothing will come of it anyway. President Trump will not be removed from office and here’s why:

First of all, it’s NEVER happened. Only President Clinton and President Andrew Johnson have ever been impeached.

It’s important to understand what happens during this time.

  • The first thing that needs to take place is for a member of the House of Representatives to issue an impeachment resolution.
  • Next, the impeachment charges must be approved by a majority of the House Judiciary Committee. This will likely happen since the majority of the Committee is made up of Democrats.
  • Once the House Judiciary has approved the charges, the entire House of Representatives then votes on it as well. All that is required for the President to be impeached is a simple majority. Because the Democrats control the House, the charges would be approved and the President would then be impeached.
  • Now the whole thing goes to the Senate for a trial. The Senators act as the jury and if 67 members of the Senate vote to convict the President of the charges, he is then removed from office.

This will never happen due to the Republican majority in the Senate holding 53 seats and the Democrats holding only 45. In order to convict, the Democrats would need to get 20 Republicans and the two Independents to vote to convict.

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