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Dem’s Ridiculous Anti-Gun Ad – He Sprayed Himself With Pepper Spray!?!

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Dem’s Ridiculous Anti-Gun Ad – He Sprayed Himself With Pepper Spray!?!

Democratic Candidate For Congress Makes A Rediculous Anti-Gun Ad That Will Leave You In Stitches!

A Liberal candidate decides to spray himself with pepper spray to prove a point. Welcome to the freak show, folks. The ‘brain’ behind this plan is none other than Levi Tillemann whose defense to his insane ad is that ‘pepper spray can’t accidentally shoot a child’.

Suprise, Tillmann is a former Obama appointee. His previous position in the Department of Energy didn’t require him to self-harm but clearly, this is what he thinks it will take to win votes?

According to The Hill, a progressive House candidate in Colorado has released a campaign ad in which he gets pepper sprayed in the face as part of his call to combat violence in schools.

In the ad, posted last week, Levi Tillemann criticizes President Trump’s plan to arm teachers and school officials with firearms as a way to combat potential school shooters.

“I’m calling on Congress to stop talking past each other and try something new,” Tilleman says in the ad. “Empower schools and teachers with non-lethal self-defense tools, like this can of pepper spray.”

In a recent campaign video to promote one of his policies, Tillemann….gets…pepper-sprayed. “Trust me, this will stop anybody in their tracks,” he says to the camera right before being sprayed in his eyes.

“We realized that Washington isn’t doing anything to fix the problem. That’s shocking in light of the inspiring activism of the students of Douglas High School, the marches and the ongoing bloodshed. Politicians are talking, but they aren’t doing. Republicans and Democrats just aren’t solving the problem,” Tillemann told BuzzFeed News.

Tillmann’s ad comes in response to President Trump’s suggestion to arm (and train) teachers to respond to active shooters. Pepper spray may be effective against would-be attacked armed with a baseball bat but what good would it to against someone opening fire in a classroom?

Think about it this way; what would you expect an armed lunatic to do if he (or she) were blinded and in pain? I would expect this ‘non-lethal’ approach could lead to more injuries or even deaths when a well-aimed bullet could have ended it all.

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