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DePaul Professor: “Left WON Culture War” Because Of “Moral High Ground”

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DePaul Professor: “Left WON Culture War” Because Of “Moral High Ground”

It’s ‘cool’ to be rude, violent or hateful in today’s liberalists culture. The concern DePaul professor, Jason Hill, who says Conservatives have been to ‘polite’. The professor brings up a few valid points, though I disagree with the idea that liberals have won ANYTHING.

He makes compelling arguments about how the left has become this seeded and volatile entity and that Conservatives have bent to their will, too far. The professor doesn’t want to see Conservatives stooping to the liberal’s level of violence – his advocacy of ‘standing tall’ is worth hearing out.

Dr. Hill was educated at Purdue University.  His areas of specialization are Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Cosmopolitanism, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy of Education and Race Theory. Areas of Competence are: 20th Century Analytic Philosophy, Comparative Literature. Dr. Hill is a pioneer in the field of strong cosmopolitanism known widely as post-human or species cosmopolitanism.

The Guardian writer asked, “wouldn’t it be better for America if liberals really were liberal, and listened to other points of view? Is prayer in public places really so awful? Isn’t it possible to have legitimate concerns about the effects of gay marriage? Hasn’t Sarah Palin earned some respect for her successful fight against corruption in Alaska? Perhaps the best response to global warming is to adapt to it, rather than spending billions to fight it. Think about it.

President Nixon proposed a health care plan that was blocked by Senator Ted Kennedy, and the senator later apologized for putting political interests ahead of the good of the country. He had not wanted Republicans to get credit for accomplishing something positive.

This is a critical time in America. Instead of taking sides we should be working together. Now is the time for liberals to emulate Ted Kennedy and, instead of automatically ridiculing conservatives for digging into questions about Benghazithe IRS and the seizure of press records, help us find the truth – no matter what that might turn out to be.”

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