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DHS SMACKS The Media Right In The Face With This TRUTH

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DHS SMACKS The Media Right In The Face With This TRUTH

The Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Puts An End To The Media’s Lies.

The media has been in a frenzy over ICE and the treatment of illegals. They have been going out of their way to twist the current tactics and policies to somehow be Trump’s fault. As if he were responsible for the policies and laws that have been in place since well before his presidency. DHS Secretary Nielsen came out to fix this misconception about the treatment of illegal immigrants on our border.

In a Press Conference on Monday, she addressed this issue.

Reporter: “Members of Congress on the Democratic side say you are using children as a lever to try and get them to take legislative action. What do you say to that?”

Nielsen: “I say that is a very cowardly response. It is clearly within their power to make the laws and change the laws. They should do so.

Reporter: “…How is this not specifically child abuse for these innocent children who are indeed being separated from their parents?”

Nielson: “So I want to be clear on a couple of other things. The vast majority, vast vast majority of children who are in the care of HHS right now — 10,000 of the 12,000 — were sent here alone by their parents. That’s when they were separated. So somehow we’ve conflated everything. But there’s two separate issues. 10,000 of those currently in custody were sent by their parents with strangers to undertake a completely dangerous and deadly travel alone. We now care for them. We have high standards. We give them meals, we give them education, we give them medical care. There’s videos, there’s TVs, I visited the detention centers myself. That would be my answer to that question.”

Later in the Press Conference, she is asked whether the coverage of the border security and policy in action are purposeful or not? Her answer pretty much sums up what the current issue is.

“I think that they [the released photos and videos] reflect the focus of those that post such pictures and narratives. The narratives we don’t see are the narratives of the crime, of the opiods, of the smugglers, of people who are killed by gang members, of American Children who are recruited, and then when they lose the drugs they are tased and beaten. So we don’t have a balanced view of what is happening. But what is happening at the border, is the border is being overrun by those who have no right to cross it…”

Watch The Video Below.

As you can see this is a tough job, no one wants to have to turn people away from our borders. But it is necessary as everyone must go through the appropriate channels. The Media keeps stressing that they are separating families. However, Nielsen has already explained that they are only being separated when there are safety concerns and when a crime is involved.

She even tweeted about it before, trying to clear the air.

“For those seeking asylum at ports of entry, we have continued the policy from previous Administrations and will only separate if the child is in danger, there is no custodial relationship between ‘family’ members, or if the adult has broken a law.”

The journalists try and paint an ugly picture of this situation, but as you can see it is not a matter of mistreatment but rather a tough policy that is used to secure borders. If anyone should be to blame for the thousands of children displaced, it is the parents that sent them here. Hoping to prey upon the humanity of Americans, taking advantage of our kindness. As Nielsen said hopefully Congress will act, and help to make better border policy.

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