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District Renames School After Barack Obama To Replace ‘Racist’ Conservative’s Name – Guess Who Was There First…

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District Renames School After Barack Obama To Replace ‘Racist’ Conservative’s Name – Guess Who Was There First…

The historical revisionists are at it again. This time in Richmond, Virginia. Pandering to the politically correct, the race baiters, and the historically deficient Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Jason Kamaras pledged that his job is to make sure students have a safe environment to learn.

“I see it as my job to start turning over all these rocks, and when I see snakes, I just got to step on them and take care of it for the kids and families of RPS. And I’m going to keep doing that,” Kamras said.

Apparently, one of those “snakes” is an elementary school formerly named after one of the greatest cavalry commanders in American history, James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart, at least according to Kamras.

The Richmond School Board voted to change the name of J.E.B. Stuart Elementary to Barack Obama Elementary school on June 18, 2018, in a vote of 6-1. Kamras commented on the decision to rename the school: “It’s incredibly powerful that in the capital of the Confederacy, where we had a school named for an individual who fought to maintain slavery, that now we’re renaming that school after the first black president. A lot of our kids and our kids at J.E.B. Stuart see themselves in Barack Obama.”

The student population of the newly named Barack Obama Elementary School is made up of primarily black children.

However, many others see this as just the latest in a series of efforts to remove, rewrite, and obliterate American history. For example, Stuart himself is a notable historical figure, graduating from West Point in 1854 and serving as a veteran of the frontier conflicts with Native Americans and the violence that erupted known as Bleeding Kansas. He also participated in the capture of John Brown at Harpers Ferry in the lead up to the Civil War.

He resigned his commission with the U.S. Army as many others did when his home state of Virginia chose to secede, choosing to defend his home with the Confederate Army. He originally served under General Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley, growing in increasingly important cavalry commands in the Army of Northern Virginia. He played a significant role in the campaigns of that army until his death at the Battle of Yellow Tavern.

A good man and a notable historical figure, Stuart deserves to be remembered as such. By contrast, former President Barrack Obama is shrouded in scandal and we are even now still uncovering the true depth and breadth of that scandal as the constitutional abuses perpetrated by means of the FISA court using the salacious and fictional Steele dossier as “proof” continue to come to light.

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