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DISTURBING: Florida Officer Forced Teens to Run Down Road Naked Or Get Arrested

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DISTURBING: Florida Officer Forced Teens to Run Down Road Naked Or Get Arrested

One night as two teens were pulled over for running a stop sign, they soon learned they had put themselves in a very troubling situation. They had both marijuana and alcohol in their vehicle when they were pulled over.

The officer gave the teens (a boy and a girl) a choice, they could either strip down completely naked and run down the street, or they could go to jail.

I can understand why they decided to do the naked run being young and possessing drugs and alcohol, especially when both are illegal for 18-year-olds to possess. This isn’t where the story ends though they didn’t just let it end here. Instead, they took the officer to court, and won!

According to a Fox News report,

Prosecutors said the officer then offered Riley and Shoulta a deal—run naked and avoid jail, Fox 7 reported.

“I was given a choice of go to jail or run, so I took the choice to run naked,” Shoulta testified, according to the station.

Martinez was fired a year after the incident. He was arrested last year, the station reported.

A prosecution spokesman told the Sun-Sentinel Martinez also solicited Riley for a sex act.

A lawyer for Martinez did not return the paper’s calls seeking comment.

The girl who was involved in the incident told the jury, “I took my pants off. I took my shirt off. I kind of looked at him like, ‘Is this enough?’ He’s like, ‘That’s it?’”

She also told the jury that once she took off her bra and underwear, Martinez  said to the girl, ‘Move your hands away from your body so I can see.”

Martinez is now facing up to sixty years in prison for his stupid and perverted behavior after being found guilty of extortion and unlawful compensation.

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