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Doctor Sues For $1 Million Over A Bad Online Review – You Got To See What It Said!

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Doctor Sues For $1 Million Over A Bad Online Review – You Got To See What It Said!

Doctor Sues For Defamation of character  Over Bad Yelp review

Imagine going to your doctor for an annual checkup that should be covered 100% but they completely get it wrong and then bill you for it. That’s what one woman said happened to her and after allegedly attempting to settle this matter with the doctor’s office, who she says blew her off, she took to Yelp to share her experience.

According to CBS News, a Manhattan woman is facing legal troubles after posting a bad review of a local doctor online. Michelle Levine told CBS New York she’s already spent close to $20,000 fighting the million-dollar suit, which accuses her of defamation, libel and causing emotional distress.

The plaintiff is Dr. Joon Song, a gynecologist Levine says she visited once in August for an annual exam.

“After that I just got a bill for an ultrasound and a new patient visit, whatever that means, and it was not billed as an annual, and I wrote a review about it,” she said.

As Written By Fox News:

Levine said she found Dr. Joon Song of New York Robotic Gynecology & Women’s Health online and went to him for a checkup in July 2017.

“A week later, he billed my insurance company $1,304.32 for the new-patient visit and ultrasound, and I got a bill for $427 that wasn’t covered,” she said.

“The annual was supposed to be free!”

Levine alleges in court filings that Joon never even gave her a manual pelvic exam, instead simply asking her about menstrual cramps and then performing an ultrasound.

Levine claims that Joon said he gave her pelvic and breast exams, even though he didn’t.

“When I called his office [to gripe], they were immediately aggressive and said I had come in complaining of pelvic pain,” which required the ultrasound, Levine said, denying she ever told them she had pelvic pain.

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